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Fish Processing
Modern Fisheries infrastructures is being developed in the atolls of Maldives for export of processed fish products including pre-cooked fish products. Presently raw tuna fish are being exported. The year 2001 marked a landmark year in the fishery industry of the Maldives when the government decided to privatize the sector.

Villa saw the growing potential in this area and joint forces with two private companies Island Fisheries and Villa Fishing, of which majority shareholding was owned by the chairman of Villa, in order to enter the industry in the year 2002. Currently these companies are involved businesses in the sector, and fish canning factories and processing plants being constructed. Fisheries sector contributes 11.0% of GDP to the nation and has been second most foreign exchange earning sector.

The Villa Group entered Zone number 1 of 4 and is now currently setting up more fish processing facilities with an investment of USD 40 Million. This move will open up further sources of employment and aggressively tap export potential.

For more information, please visit www.villafishing.com.mv

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