New Developments

We are always in the process of developing new ways to meet with your needs for a holiday.


Philanthropical Activities

Villa Foundation , now a full fledged charity organization, was officially registered on the 19th February 2003


Trade Sector

The Maldives imports a majority of its requirements, particularly food, fuel, and capital goods


Tourism Industry

The Villa Hotel brand is also home to the largest number of beds on the island.


Transport & Shipping

Villa Group owns and operates a fleet of 28 high speed power boats and 60 powered Dhonies



With the Government's decision to privatize the fisheries industry in the year 2001, Villa Group embarked

  • New Developments
  • Philanthropical Activities
  • Trade Sector
  • Tourism Industry
  • Transport & Shipping
  • Fisheries
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We have invested in major business industries in the Maldives. Trade Tourism Industry Travels Services Diving & Water... Read more

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Careers at Villa

As the biggest employer in the private sector, we are passionate about helping our people to... Read more